OPI Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Holiday Collection

I ordered the Breakfast at Tiffany’s collection a few weeks ago and it came last week! I just finished the swatches and I can’t wait to share them with you so let’s get into it! There are a total of 12 polishes two of them are glitter, 4 are shimmer, 5 are creams and one is a glitter with a shimmery cream base.

All of the swatches are topped with Seche Vite unless I state otherwise.


First we have Breakfast at Tiffany’s an off white polish with tiny silver specs and micro glitters. This is what I would call the perfect snow color. It’s a bit sheer but covers pretty well at two coats and it is a bit on the thicker side but nothing that bothers; it dries semi matte so if you’re not into that you’ll probably be adding a topcoat! All in all, a very pretty color who can stand up for herself!  


Five-and-Ten is deffinetly a 10 for me, a silver base with micro glitter and larger iridescent specs. At first glance I would say this is more of a topper than a standalone polish but it builds up pretty quickly and dries pretty fast as well. It’s got a thin consistency but it’s packed with pigment! This is three coats.


It wouldn’t be a Breakfast at Tiffany’s collection whiteout a gorgeous baby sky blue! I Believe in Manicures is just that, a blue cream polish. It’s also quite thin in consistency but covers well in two coats and dries fairly fast!


A Christmas collection wouldn’t be complete whiteout some glitter. Champagne for Breakfast is a holographic silver glitter, quite densely packed and easy to manipulate. It dries down textured as most glitter polishes do so you will need a topcoat. This is two coats over bare nails, it would probably look gorgeous on top of I Believe in Manicures!


Sunrise…Bedtime! is also a gorgeous holographic glitter but this has a puple/pink tone to it. It behaves exactly like Champagne for Breakfast, it’s equally dense packed and dries down textured. This is also two coats!


Now onto the more classical winter/Christmas shades! Rich & Brazilian is a deep plum polish packed with micro glitters in purple, silver and a hint of gold. It’s a dream to apply and is completely opaque in two coats!


Fire Escape Rendezvous is a polish I usually don’t care for. I feel like OPI has the need to put a gliter with a cream base in almost every collection and its never really my cup of tea. This polish on th other hand is really beautiful, the base is a shimmery red and the glitter consists of small hex glitters and larger irregular flakes. This was almost opaque in two coats but you really needed the second coat to achieve the right color!


A black polish never goes wrong and a black SHIMMER polish is just the crème de la crème of black. Black Dress Not Optional is just that, a gorgeous shimmery black polish, creamy and pigmented. One coat is almost enough to make this opaque but I applied a thinner coat so two was needed!


Apartment for Two is not your typical Christmas shade, it’s a hot pink that probably would feel more at home in a summer collection but I like that they’re thinking outside the box! The consistency is great and easy to apply, for me two coats were perfect!


In need of a perfect Santa red? Say no more, Meet My “Decorator” is the polish for you! It’s an orangey red cream shade that matches my old Santa hat from when I was little. Two coats is enough to make it opaque.


This vampy red called Can’t Read Without My Lipstick is just gorgeous, I’m pale af and a color like this always makes me look a lot more pale but I still prefer a deeper shade than a really bright red. It’s a bit streaky at first and is actually the only polish to need three coats.


Another classical red? Yes please! Got the Mean Reds is a shade everyone should have in their polish collection, red perfection. It glides on smoothly and is opaque in two coats!

All in all, this is a fabulous collection. It’s not your typical Christmas shades which I at first was a bit iffy about but now that I’ve tried them all out and seen them as a whole, I’m in love!

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