OPI Retro Summer 2016

I bought the collection a few days ago and just finished swatching them! I actually went out to buy just two or three of them but once I saw them in the store I just couldn’t resist getting them all! Now let’s get to the swatches!

wp-1466008644513.jpg  wp-1466008793014.jpg

wp-1466008735253.jpg wp-1466008766215.jpg

What’s the Scoop?

A baby pink cream. The consistency is slightly thick but nothing that bugs me an awful lot. The first coat went on a bit streaky but as long as you keep the coats thin you should have no problem with applying this! This is three coats and completely opaque.

wp-1466008635250.jpg wp-1466008798974.jpg

wp-1466008724836.jpg wp-1466008759833.jpg

Sailing & Nail-ing

A (bright) baby blue cream. This one is a lot better consistency wise, it glides on easily and is opaque in two coats.

wp-1466008623584.jpg wp-1466008805032.jpg

wp-1466008868632.jpg wp-1466008754563.jpg

I’m Getting a Tan-gerine

A light orange cream. This one also glides on nicely and even though the first coat applies a little bit streaky it levels out! This one is opaque in two coats.

wp-1466008615187.jpg wp-1466008811465.jpg

wp-1466008655476.jpg wp-1466008748379.jpg


A dark reddish orange cream. This is pretty similar to I’m Getting a Tan-gerine. It’s easy to apply and is opaque in two coats.

wp-1466008605402.jpg wp-1466008816998.jpg

wp-1466008674876.jpg wp-1466008742065.jpg

Towel Me About It

A pale light yellow cream. The consistency is dream like. It glides on smooth but the first coat is a bit streaky, but it all evens out in the second coat and become totally opaque. (opaque in two coats is to me pretty impressing for a light yellow polish!) this is probably my favorite one in the collection, I’m a sucker for pretty light yellows!

wp-1466008597461.jpg wp-1466008787198.jpg

wp-1466008682023.jpg wp-1466008781269.jpg

Flip Flops & Crop Tops

A medium pink cream. The consistency is a bit thick, nothing that will cause a problem but still. It’s very pigmented and you could get away with just one coat if you’re careful not to drag it around too much! This is two coats and for me this was opaque!

I LOVE this collection! It’s so bright and summery and happy. I really recommend buying this if you are out to get some summer polishes; this collection really has it all. I hope this was helpful/entertaining, if you liked it be sure to like/share this!

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3 thoughts on “OPI Retro Summer 2016

  1. Vilka var det som du hade tänkt att köpa från början? 😊 förstår att du köpte alla, de är så fina! 😀 jättefina swatches, jag älskar accent nageln 😍💕

    1. Jag tänkte köpa Towel Me About It och Sailing & Nail-ing, kanske What’s the Double Scoop? men sen blev det så svårt att motstå de andra😂😂❤ tack va snäll du är! Dina är så grymma, ser alltid så cleant ut😍😍❤

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