OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass

This collection did not launch here in Sweden and I was so bummed but I decided to order it from the US. It’s said to be a “brights” collection but in my opinion it’s a lot more like a fall collection! I decided to swatch the polishes and show you guys but I’m a bit late because a bottle broke on the way so I had to wait for it to arrive again. One reason not to you polish overseas haha. But enough of my babbling, here’s the swatches!


Oh My Majesty

A pale gray polish with gold and pink shimmer. The consistency is nice, not too thick nor runny. No standing ovations for this one but still a pretty color that is opaque in two coats. And that’s a surprise and a plus for such a light polish!


I’m Gown for Anything

A light lavender cream. This also has a nice consistency but once again nothing outstanding, I do LOVE the color and the fact that this was also just two coats is fabulous!


The I’s Have It

A pale blue cream. This one was a bit runny and I had to be careful not to flood my cuticles. Surprisingly enough, this one is also opaque in two coats even though it was a bit thin!


A Mirror Escape

A shimmery gold with silver and light blue glitter pieces. This has a nice consistency is fairly easy to apply and require minimal effort to get an even layer of glitter. This dries textured and is opaque after 2 coats. I’m not really a fan of glitter polishes with a metallic colored base like this and this is no exception. But I you do this is definitely a polish for you.


What’s the Hatter with You?

A dark berry cream. The consistency is dream like. It glides on smooth and even on the first coat and dries glossy. This one is totally opaque in two coats.


Having a Big Head Day

A classic red cream. This glides on the nail like a dream and it’s almost opaque on the first coat. In fact if I were to use this as a base for a mani I would stop at one but for the purposes of swatching I applied two!


Fearlessly Alice

A bright sky blue cream. It has a nice consistency, nothing out of the blue (pun intended) but a very pretty polish. It’s not as bright in reality as it is in the picture, don’t want to give you any false expectations! This stained my nails pretty bad (and I don’t staid easily) after just one day of me wearing it so maybe use two layers of basecoat to prevent it!


Kiss Me on My Tulips

A vibrant dark pink. The consistency is also really nice and it’s easy to apply. If you apply a thick first coat you could get away with just one but I applied two thinner ones to make it completely opaque!

All in all this was a very nice collection, more of a fall/winter collection than a bright/spring but that’s unimportant here! I do recommend buying this if you’re thinking about it because I don’t regret a thing! I hope this was helpful/entertaining, if you liked it be sure to like/share this!

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