Born Pretty Store Review part 2

I wanted to show you the gel polish a little bit more in depth this time!

Here it is over a light brown polish, it’s one coat that I cured in a uv lamp for 2 min. as i mentioned earlier it’s a bit tricky to apply since it’s quite thick but if you make sure to wipe the brush you should be good to go! The polish has this gorgeous pearly metallic shimmer wHich you can clearly see in bright light!

wp-1463305697705.jpg   wp-1463305705183.jpg

It’s long lasting! I had this on for 5 days and removed it by drenching a cotton ball in acetone, putting it on the nail and wrapping it in foil and waiting for 10 min before removing. I had to remove it due to school but I’m sure this would have lasted at least a week longer!

I really hope you found this helpful! Please note that even if this were sent to me my review is 100% my own opinion! If you did like the item here’s the links to where you can find and buy it aswell as a link to the store! And be sure to use my code ELLX31 for 10% off your order!

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