Born Pretty Store Review

It’s time for another bps review and this time I decided to show you three different products and how to incorporate them in one mani! So let’s get started!

The first items are these gorgeous pink rhinestones. They’re really tiny so they do get a bit tricky to work with but totally worth the effort! Here’s a simple French mani with three stones as an accent on each nail.

wp-1462458643557.jpg   wp-1462459516293.jpg

The second item is a gorgeous flower, pearl and diamond nail decoration.  This one is a bit bigger and looks quite pompous on the nail but I LOVE it. Here it is as an accent on my French mani once again.

wp-1462458762331.jpg   wp-1462458674515.jpg

And last but definitely not least a gorgeous shimmery sheer polish perfect as a topper of any mani! I topped my French mani of with this and got surprisingly delighted with the outcome! It has a gel like consistency and dries fairly quickly.

wp-1462458659576.jpg   wp-1462459268927.jpg

I really hope you liked these items and designs! Please note that even if these products were sent to me my review is 100% my own opinion! If you did like the items here’s the links to where you can find and buy them aswell as a link to the store! and be sure to use my code ELLX31 for 10% off your order!

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