OPI Soft Shades Pastel

So this monday I received a  lovely package from OPI Sweden containing, yes you guessed it, the soft shades pastel collection by OPI! Its six shades in soft tones, perfect for spring.

All of the swatches are painted over a peel off basecoat from OPI. They were all so shiny that I didn’t really need a topcoat but if you’re planning on wearing it for a longer period of time you should always apply one to protect your polish from chipping!


It’s in the Cloud

A pale, almost white polish with a teeny tiny touch of beige. I feel like this would be perfect as a base for a mani since it’s not a brilliant white but softer. The consistency is a bit thick but I usually apply pretty thick coats so it didn’t really bother me. This is 3 coats!


One Chic Chic                                                                                                                                                    

Yes finally a pale yellow polish! I have a few yellow polishes in my collection but all of them are so bright. I’ve been searching for the perfect light yellow and here it is! I really liked how this one applied; it was a bit runny but as long as you wipe your brush down you should be a-ok! This one was also a 3 coater!



This Cost Me a Mint

Mint green is probably one of my favorite colors and I do have a few already but I think that this tops them all. The consistency was just right, not too runny nor thick! This one is two coats easily.


It’s a Boy!

The name is pretty self-explanatory, it’s a baby blue. I don’t have anything like this one and it was a very nice surprise! This one was a wee bit runny, nothing extreme but you have to be careful so it doesn’t flood you’re cuticles. This one was three coats!


I Am What I Amethyst

Gosh how I love this color! It’s like a periwinkle blue but leaning more towards the purple side.  This would go so well with Show Us Your Tips! from the New Orleans Collection. This also has a nice consistency, its slightly sunnier than It’s a Boy! but great none the less! This was also two coats.


Stop it I’m Blushing

A light light light peachy pink. A lovely color really and once again I’ve been missing a color like this in my collection! It has a really nice consistency and applies nicely. This was three coats.

Such a lovely collection! A big big thanks to OPI Sweden for sending me this, it was truly an honor!

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