Depend Nail Polish Review

So a few days ago I bought some nail polishes and I thought I’d share them with you! They are all from the Five Shades of Sorbet collection and I got them from

I want to start off by saying that all of the polishes dry a semi velvety matte witch I think is gorgeous but if that’s not your cup of tea just use a shiny topcoat! I also love the brushes; they’re flat, rounded and pretty wide and just makes the polish really easy to apply!

The first polish is Pear Sorbet a light pastel green.  It glides very easily onto the nail and is opaque in two coats; this is two coats without topcoat!


Next is Mint Sorbet a light pastel mint blue. This also glides very nicely onto the nail and is opaque in two coats! This is two coats without topcoat.


Then we have Frozen Sorbet a light blue pastel. This was a bit thicker in consistency and therefore a bit harder to apply, you only need two coats of this but it may take longer for it to dry since it’s a bit thicker. This is also two coats without topcoat!


Next up is Grape Sorbet a light pastel purple. This on the other hand had a really nice consistency and was very easy to apply. This is two coats without topcoat.


And the last one is Apricot Sorbet a pale pink/nude pastel. This was also a little bit thicker, not so that it bothered me but still. This is two coats without topcoat (I used kinda thick coats so depending on thickness you may need three)


All in all I really liked these polishes and as some of you may know I’m an OPI nerd and tend to stick to that this really surprised me! You go Depend!!

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