Bps Nail Mail part 3

And the last items I want to review are the clear jelly stamper and scraper I received. I was sooo excited about this one and I just couldn’t wait to try it out since I’ve heard such great things about it!

I’ll be posting a video on my Instagram on it so you should definitely go check that out!


The stamper is totally clear, semi soft and picks up the design beautifully. I also love that with smaller designs you can really place them where you’d like without risking missing the nail or only getting a part of the design on there! and it also helps keeping bigger designs uniform.


when you go to clean up any excess  polish from the stamper a tip is to use tape and just swipe it once it twice with a cotton pad and some acetone if necessary.

here’s the link to bornprettystore:


you can get the stamper+scraper here:


And don’t forget to use my code ELLX31 if you buy anything for 10% off!




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