Bps Nail Mail

I’ll start off with reviewing the nail stickers I received! You get 7 different sizes 2 of each size in one package and following instructions!


You first choose the sticker that fits your nails the best, then you remove the plastic and align the stickers curved edge close to your cuticle. When you’re satisfied press the sticker down and trim of any excess sticker with some scissors and a nail file. You don’t need any topcoat but if you want it to last extra-long I would recommend using one anyways!


I found it very easy to remove the stickers from the plastic and apply correctly to the nail. And if you’re not totally happy with the placement it’s fairly easy to remove and place it again.

You can find the stickers here:


Here’s  a link to their website:


and if you decide to buy anything be sure to use my code ELLX31 to get 10% off you purchase!

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