Autumn Moroccan Nail Tutorial

Hi guys! So this design may be a little bit Christmassy BUT I’m going for more of a fall look on this one anyways! I used nail vinyls from to make the pattern and OPI’s Venice Collection bc I just had to! Now let’s get started!

As always start off with basecoat and apply a light beige polish to all of your fingers except your middle one, paint that one a shimmery red! (forgot to take a pic of that one but imagine a red one!)


Once that has dried place the vinyls to your beige nails and paint around the nail with some peelable glue or latex to help with cleanup later!


Using a sponge and the same red polish lightly dab the nails with the vinyls and after that apply a coat with the brush, peel it of sideways  (I learnt the hard way) and let it dry for a bit. On your accent nail make two dots, one bigger and one smaller in the beige shade.


Let it dry for a bit, apply a topcoat and you’re done!

wpid-img_20150830_170636.jpg   wpid-img_20150830_171302.jpg

I hope you liked this design, if you did be sure to like/share this and follow me here, on Instagram ellaberlin_nails and pinterest ellanails! Xx and as always feel free to comment if you have any questions or requests! 🙂

Polishes used are:

OPI Gimme a Lido Kiss – Shimmery Red

OPI Be There In a Prosecco – Light Beige

OPI Natural Nail – Basecoat

OPI Peel Off Basecoat – Cleanup

Seche Vite – Topcoat


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