Fancy Aztec Nail Tutorial!

Hi guys! So yesterday was my last day at work and now I finally get to enjoy my summer vacation (3 weeks before school starts again) and I can’t wait to just do nothing and paint my nails! Not that I didn’t love my summer job, it was the best and the people where great and I’m so gonna miss it but it’s nice to just take the day as it comes! Now let’s get started with the tutorial! (I ordered some nail vinyls from and I just couldn’t wait to use them!!)

So as always start off with a basecoat and apply a gold glitter polish to all of your nails except your ring finger that one you paint with a dark/navy blue until it’s opaque.


Let that dry completely before you apply the vinyls otherwise the polish underneath may come off when you remove it! Apply the vinyls to your thumb, middle and ring finger. I used the Tetris pattern and a regular v shaped one and applied the tetris one around the middle of my nail and the v shaped one above it leaving some space between them.


Secure the corners apply some glue or peel-off basecoat around your nails to help with cleanup later and using a makeup sponge dab the blue polish on the glitter nails and glitter polish on the blue nail. Apply until opaque and slowly peel the vinyls off while the polish is wet and let it dry.


Apply some topcoat and you’re done!

wpid-wp-1437854080775.jpg   wpid-wp-1437854096807.jpg

I hope you liked this design, if you did be sure to like/share this and follow me here, on Instagram ellaberlin_nails and pinterest ellanails! Xx

Polishes used are:

OPI All Sparkly And Gold – Gold Glitter

OPI My Car Has Navy-Gation – Dark Navy Blue

OPI Natural Nails – Basecoat

Seche Vite – Topcoat


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