Christmas Tree Nail Tutorial

This design is inspired by our own Christmas tree. We haven’t decorated it yet so this is an undecorated tree. I was also inspired from a post I saw on Pinterest where they used the same dragging method I used only with shorter and more parted strokes. This is super easy and doesn’t take much time. So let’s get started with the tutorial!

As always start off with a basecoat and apply a shimmery gold polish until opaque.


When that’s dry, make a small dot a few millimeters from the cuticle using a toothpick and green polish. That’s the top of your tree.

ct 1

Then make small lines dragged from side to side, slightly tilted down so they’re overlapping.

ct 2

Make the lines longer and longer when you near the tip of your nail. (If needed touch up with the base color)

ct 3

Apply a topcoat and you’re done!

ct bottle (1)    ct done (1)

I hope you liked this design, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram ellaberlin_nails and stay tuned for more, there might come one or two more designs before Christmas but that depends on how much I have to do! Xx

Polishes used are:

OPI Rollin’ In Cashmere – Gold

OPI Christmas Gone Plaid – Green

Seche Vite – Topcoat

Essie Help Me Grow – Basecoat


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