Rasta inspired nail tutorial

On the 30th of august there’s going to be an all-african day at the culture house in Jönköping and the money that we make is going to go to starting a school in Gambia. I’m going to participate by doing manicures and this is one of the designs I plan on doing. So if you want to know how to do this just keep reading.

As always start of with a basecoat to protect your nails and apply one coat of white nail polish. This is just to make the other colors stand out a bit more!

After that has dried using yellow nail polish make a thick stripe in the middle of the nail. Make sure to leave the sides empty at approximately the same size as the yellow line.

Then you just fill in one side red and the other side green and apply a topcoat to smooth out the colours.

After that has dried completely (it’s very important that it’s dry so the tape doesn’t take the polish of) apply some striping tape or regular tape cut into thin stripes and make any pattern you like.

Apply a coat of black polish thick enough to be opaque and pull the tape of as quickly as you can. Do this one nail at a time. ( I didn’t take a picture of this because I didn’t want the polish to dry) Let that dry and apply a topcoat!

I hope you liked this design, I really do, stay tuned for more and I’ll se you next time 🙂 xx


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